Program Purpose

The City of Santa Maria Hometown Heroes Program recognizes individuals actively serving in the military, veterans of the United States Military, first responders and essential workers.


Eligible candidates include: active duty, retired, honorably discharged, and those who have their life in action in one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces; first responders and essential workers.

Application, Installation, and Retirement Process:

A form shall be completed by a friend or family member and submitted to the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department.

An appropriate 5x7" or larger color portrait-style photo or digital photo (600 dpi or better) in service uniform (dress uniform preferred) or work uniform of the honoree must be included.

A presentation will be held at a City of Santa Maria City Council meeting and will be scheduled as soon as possible prior to the placement of the banner to a lamp post. The honoree's contact person will be notified and requested to inform the honoree's family and friends. Once the banner is removed from the lamp post, it will be returned to the family/sponsor. 

Banner Design

The design includes a photo of the honoree in service or work uniform, accompanied by their legal name, and nomination category. No deviation from the banner design will be made. 


Banner cost (payable to PLAY, Inc.) is $250 each and may be sponsored by friends, family, a business, or an organization.


The City of Santa Maria and PLAY, Inc. are not liable for any damage, loss, or vandalism associated with the banners. 

Questions may be directed to the City of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department at (805) 925-0951 extension 2260. 

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